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Dreams and Ghosts

The dream came again tonight. I’m not sure when the last time I had dreamed it, but I don’t know if we made it out alive last time? I know it was out in the country in old L-shaped prairie home, and far enough away that you could run for hours before you found anyone to help. I’m not sure who wanted to go to this B&B; however, I’m guessing Hannah wanted to check it out for whenever Brian came for his next visit. Always so thoughtful, but she was not the smart Hannah in this dream. I knew something was wrong with this place when we pulled up. We got out and there were enough cars to start a small dealership. Half of them probably didn’t work, so why were they still here? This is where things get a little fuzzy. I remember the inside is like a ranch style home dominated by cattle horns and mud walls. We are in our room unpacking, Hannah, a girl from Hannah’s school, and I. ~I’m still dreaming at this point and I remember my first dream I had of this place. ~ I guess I had like a vision in my dream of my last dream. I remember an earthen stairway with dirt walls. In my last dream I started my descent when screams of pain, helplessness, and death fell on my human ears. The room comes back into focus with Hannah and her friend still unpacking. I freak out and demand that we leave. They listen to me (something the real Hannah may not have done), but are taking their sweet time. I didn’t tell them the reason knowing how crazy I would sound. My heart is racing and we make it to the front desk. I slam our room key down and explain that I have a family emergency back home. The girl gives me a look of disgust mingled with the look of hunger on her face. A curt nod and “ok” as I’m already out the side door. I pick up my speed as I see the cars about 30 feet away. I turn to let Hannah and her friend know what is really going on and they have seemed to disappear. I gave a closer look to the surroundings I just left and see them making sandwiches at some food table by the pool. Two guys are staring them down as they laugh and make sandwiches. Oblivious to the danger, I yell and motion Hannah to come on. We make it to cars and I hop in the passenger seat. One of the guys from the pool was there, He wouldn’t stand out as a bouncer for a hip hop club, flirting and chatting. Hannah was in the car, but her friend stopped climbing in to talk to this guy. He made a lunge and grabbed her. She grabbed the car and screamed. We tried to pull her in, but he was much stronger and his friends appeared to help. Hannah’s friend was yanked free of the car. I slammed Hannah’s door and told her to step on the gas or I did. Hannah was crying saying we have to go back for her friend. I knew if we did then our screams would be coming from below the earth. It was too late for her friend and my main focus was to protect Hannah. I told her that if we stayed then we were going to be devoured alive. They hungered for our flesh, blood, and bones. They were Vampires. I’m not sure how long after this next part took place. Maybe 6 months or so as I was sharing a dorm room with my friend Chop. I just finished my class on Electricity and Horticulture. I walked into our room and found Chop playing video games. Some friend was with him and I got closer to take a look. The guy who looked like a bouncer was sitting there. They didn’t turn around. I grabbed a towel and yelled to Chop I was going to take a shower. I ditched my towel outside the door and sprinted for the elevator. I knew he was coming for me and I had to get to Hannah first.
- This is the point I woke up and realized it was raining. LOL, Guess I’ll close my window next time before I go to sleep.

I just remember something that happened in Austin, Texas. I lived there right after high school and I mean right after. I graduated and the next day I was gone to Austin. My cousin took me to this organization called OutYouth which was located in this old house. OutYouth was a place for GLBT kids who range in age from 12 to 19 could hang out without fear. I ended up hanging out there for like 3 months. There was this one upstairs room that was like a library/office. I enjoy reading, so I loved to look at the books. I never felt too comfortable up there by myself. I always had this weird feeling that I couldn’t figure it out. Halloween was right around the corner and I was headed back to East Texas in a week. This was a few months later and I came to love being at OutYouth. Anyways Halloween was around the corner and OutYouth decided to have a sleep over. I was super happy at the idea of getting to hang out with everyone for more than just a few hours. We watched a few scary movies that were pretty dumb. I finally got tired of it and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I knew a few kids were upstairs reading scary stories. So I headed up to the library to see what they were doing. ~Could you tell I was a loner even among the GLBT kids, lol? ~ They were reading from some book of British scary stories. It was about some giant human rabbit and I was getting bored. All of a sudden I felt really scared. I had tears come to my eyes and I asked them to stop. I had no idea what was wrong. Then this other guy busts out and says I feel it too. I’m more in shock like what the hell is going on. From what I figured out is that we felt something. We walked around the room. There were cold spots, but it was like cold inside of you. That’s how it felt to me. This guy had strong feelings. Strong emotional feelings like anger, fear, and sadness. There were two horrible spots in the room that I only would stand in once. One was in front of the window. I had this feeling that a man was outside watching the house. I didn’t see any man, but I had this feeling like there was one. The other spot was inside this closet. I wouldn’t let them shut the door with me in there. My whole body was shaking and it was cold in the closet. Everyone in the room could feel the coldness when they were in the closet. We went downstairs and got other kids to come upstairs with us. We just told them we wanted to scare someone and for them to hide in the closet. They wouldn’t stay in there and soon everyone found out about what we felt. About 10-12 of use could feel at least the coldness of the closet. We asked the directors of OutYouth if someone died in the house. They said that they weren’t going to talk about it. The next morning though we talked more to the directors and looked up some information. They told us they had problems with one or two pictures flying off the walls and that was it. They said that someone was murdered, but would not go into detail. Most we found on the internet that two girls were killed there but I believe it was back in the 70’s and they never caught the person who did it. It was really weird for me at the time. I would still be scared if that happened today, but I don’t think I ever want to be alone in that room again.



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