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So work last night really sucked. Well it was ok till the last ten minutes. I was trying to make $40 to pay the water bill, but I’ll get to that later. So ten minutes before we close walk in the customers from Hell!!! Well they weren’t horrible except they stayed till 9:30 or after. We close at 9 and they did not leave me a fucking tip! How totally rude is that. Our hours are clearly posted and we were cleaning up. Another thing was that they are rich. How is it that poor people tip and rich people leave nothing. Well here are some basic rules when you go out to eat.
Waiters and Waitresses only work on tips, so tip their ass! How do you think our bills are you going to be paid if you don’t tip. We can all get different jobs if the economy was better, but who would serve your damn food. Just because its Sunday doesn’t mean you can’t tip. If you have to pay for extra gravy then you should still tip your waiter. Its not our fault that the owners charge extra. This isn’t your kitchen and most of us work our ass off for tips. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I should get any less tips than the waitresses. If show up in a bad mood and slam your dishes then I will only bring your food to you. You will be ignored the rest of your visit. Why waste my time on someone who looks like they won’t tip when I can spend extra time on someone else. If you say anything racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and ect. Then I will ignore you on your visit. Also I only made $18 last night btw!
So I just got finished reading the Rolling Stone article with Adam Lambert. I shed some tears. I see some of myself in him; however, he has more courage than I do. I really can’t wait for his CD to drop. He was a hot guy on idol who was a bit different. He is so much more now. He took steps I didn’t, but I’m a different person now. I am not better or worse, but more of who I truly am. I hope all the best for him. I also wonder what his Zodiac sign is? He also lost his virginity at 21! I thought I was a pretty nerdy for losing mine so late at 19. Now I wish I was still a virgin. I never have found the right guy yet. I remember my first time. It was not good. It hurt so much and I had tears following down my cheeks. I kept trying a position where it would feel better, but wanted to do just one. Which has turned out to be my favorite, lol. He just did not have respect for me and I slept with a few other guys who did not either. I just need to make a guy wait a good amount of time before we sleep together. I need to make sure we both respect each other.
So the latest troubles at home are like a three headed dragon. Cut off one and two more surface. Josh and Mother had a falling out when he moved the rest of his stuff out. Cassie was crying like crazy and Josh was cussing up a storm. (Cassie is Josh’s wife and Josh is my younger brother) It was not a good day and I just felt like my heart was ripped out when they left. Just how things ended was all wrong. Mother and Joanna (Joanna is my pregnant sister whose husband left her. He is an idiot.) are not working right now. So I’m the only one working and tips are not good enough to support us. Mother got laid off after the restaurant she was working at got shut down. So all the bills are due, the house payment is two months behind, the heating element went out on the dryer, the car is on its last leg and our window unit in the living room has stopped cooling that part of the trailer. Can we be more screwed? The only good thing is the clothesline I bought today. We can save energy, money and help the environment.
So school starts in the fall and I can’t wait. I am scared though. This is Hannah’s last semester, so I will have to find a new way to school in the spring. Maybe living on campus? KC or TJC?
The future is so clouded right now, but my life is a maze. There may never been an end, but there will always be knowledge, growth and I hope happiness.
For one last little note…… Unless you are Jay & Bry, Hannah, my Mother, Nele & Becky, Camille, or Jay’s Momma then you should tip me if I ever wait on you. I don’t care if we worked together before. I’m trying to make a living and you should respect that. I can understand if you are poor like me, then just a dollar will do. I hope one person will read this and understand this is my job. Just because we are friends doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip me. Those people listed above can go with out tipping me, but I know they will if they can. Those are my close friends I can trust and can get by with not tipping me. So my female friend from Wal-Mart, it is not wrong to tip. Maybe I should just make a sex tape and see if I can score 50 cents for it, lol.
I hoped ya’ll enjoyed the latest pics of me. I tried the Adam Lambert look. My nails looked like shit when I painted them and my mom had to do the eyeliner, lol. Makeup is not for me. Hope you enjoyed reading this and everyone have a good weekend. Also be sure to check out my new pics going up. I figured its time to let the world see me in drag. My first gay Halloween in Austin, Texas and only time I will ever do drag. I had so much fun in Austin.



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