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College and Dating

Well I think I’ve figured out my way to go to college in the spring (If I can work everything out). I’m going to head back to Kilgore from TJC and live on campus. I can finish up this spring and go one more year. I’ll transfer after spring of 2011. So I won’t be finished with college till after I’m 30. Oh well. I still just want to finish and I know the general area for my degree. I just have to find something I love and do that. Which I do love plants, the smell of garden soil, and reading Mother Earth News. MEN (Mother Earth News) is my holy book (magazine). I am reading some issues from the 80’s and 70’s my mom has. I love MEN (Guys and Mother Earth News) so much. I don’t know what I would be reading if it wasn’t here. Maybe I can get a job with MEN. That would be fun and I think my mother and grandfather would go crazy, lol. I have some different ideas for MEN. Covering Eco-Villages across Canada and the U.S. would be awesome. Depending on how many there are could take up to 2 years or more. Quite bad if I was having a relationship, but fun for me. I guess this is a good transition to start talking about dating. I just feel like dating anyone right now. I love romance and relationships. I think my longest relationship has been 4 months. Guys I dated are idiots. I haven’t met the guy yet and I haven’t met a guy I really clicked with. I want to like someone I get to know really well and I haven’t been able to get to know anyone. I’m not super worried about any of this. I think for the first time I don’t give a fuck about dating ever again. I am happy with everything else besides the daily stress of bills and drama at home. I’m sure one day, one lifetime I will find the guy right for me. I would even date an alien. I’m really open minded about different people. It would not matter if the guy was blind, paralyzed, or deaf. Why should any of those things matter when it comes to love? Well I should be cleaning my room. I might find a boyfriend under the clothes on my bed. Everyone have a good weekend!



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