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Who I used to be was a boy with hopes and dreams.
Who I am is a man in transition.
Who I will be is the man that acknowledges the peace within his self and seeks to help others find the same.

I was a kid with no real grasp on the world. I knew things, but not even my nightmares contained the true reality. I still to this minute am ignorant to many things. I want to change that, yet I will never know everything. I understand and accept the limits of this human life. Who says though I can’t push the limits and try to break free? No one. I must keep the darkness of humanity at bay within myself and help show others the light. We all have internal struggles within ourselves, nature and society. My life could be much worse or a lot better. No matter the point in it; I must reach out to help others. I’ve endured my father’s suicide and it scared me. His death no longer haunts me and I will not let my life be controlled by it. I am free. Another change to my college major, lol. My heart has healed and I need to return the right path. I still will understand great trials in life, but the time for hiding has gone. I want to jump up and scream, cry, and hug everyone I see. I am free, my heart soars, tears shine on my cheeks, and happiness fills every part of Who I Am and Who I Will Be.



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